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We know how stressful buying or selling a car can be, our Brisbane based new and used car brokers will gladly do all the work for you. We’ll take care of everything to secure the deal you want, from finding the right dealer to negotiating and closing the deal. No matter what type of car you’re after, eCarz will help you find and land the best possible deal.

Buying and selling your car has never been as easy as it is with our Brisbane car brokers at eCarz – and we’ll always keep it that way!

Casey North's eCarz Review

Dave was absolutely amazing! Answered all my calls, my questions and was super helpful! I would 100% recommend him to anyone.

Rachael Albrett's eCarz Review

David took my stress away in getting finance for our car. He was blardy awesome all the way through the whole process. Always kept us in the loop with whats going on. Gave insight of how to make our side of things looks better for the future😊Will definitely do business with him again. David is exceptional and I'm forever grateful for all he done for us to get our awesome outcome.

Tony & Alicia's eCarz Review

I highly recommend eCarz! They made the whole process easy from trading in our own car, to getting a great price, and also organising finance!

Curtis's eCarz Review

David of eCarz made this whole tough process of financing cars easy for me from the first day till the day I picked up my car. He did a fantastic job and I will go to him again and again. Thank you David.

Rachael Ball's eCarz Review

Thanks Scottish Dave for all your hard work and exceptional customer service!! What a horrible photo of me! You’ve got me in the car that is going to stay with us for a very long time! I’m sure the kids will love the extra space!

Heinrich's eCarz Review

From my first contact with Jason, I felt like I was treated as a valued customer. I am an international professional but despite this could not get any form of finance due to my type of visa. Jason has gone above and beyond, took an interest and got it sorted. I now have my Ute to enjoy Australia's beaches!

Delwain's eCarz Review

I'd like to thank ecarz and especially Chloe for all of her hard work in in helping me get this vehicle if it wasn't for her I'd still be chasing a car,so once again thanks Chloe and I hope you could help me me with getting a vehicle somewhere down the track👍👍

Andrew Peter's eCarz Review

Jason was great do deal with and got our loan through quickly and with no hassles.

Daniel's eCarz Review

I would like to thank Jason and his team for amazing experience in organising my car finance for my business. I came to Jason with a few complications, he advised me on best solutions and 24 hours later I’m picking up my car from the dealership. Jason went over and above which is greatly appreciated, and I will definitely use Jason for all my future car financing.

George's eCarz Review

It was an absolute pleasure do work with Ace. Communication was stellar and his taking a personal interest in getting things sorted for me made for a great experience. I will definitely do business with him again.

Peter and Kathy's eCarz Review

Kerry-Anne Oliver (your Finance Specialist), went well over and beyond to see our application completed. At all times there were no issues she could not solve, and there were a few, believe me. I will have no hesitation in either recommending her or eCarz to anyone who may have a finance need. I will CERTAINLY be in touch with her again when and if our need arises again. Peter & Kathy Goodrich Ballina Garden Sheds

Darren's eCarz Review

Ace was very helpful and made the whole process easy and quick to respond to any questions asked

Matt's eCarz Review

I'd highly recommend Ace and the team at eCarz. I'd been searching for the right car for a while and didn't feel I was getting the right price. A friend recommended eCarz to me and after contacting them within 3 days I was signing the contract for my new car. What made the experience even better was they were able to secure me a new car at a cheaper price than I had been able to negotiated for a used car. The process was simple, all electronic and I couldn't have been more impressed with the service. 

Rachel's eCarz Review

Thankyou for everything that you've done!! You've really helped and guided me along the whole process. 💗

Nidhi and Vikram's eCarz Review

I had more than 10 loans in last 5 years. This one, through ecarz, especially with the help of Kerry was the easiest, and the fastest. No hassles, and pretty straight forward. I never had such a great experience! Thanks to eCarz and Kerry-Anne Oliver.